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    Maano Ramadwa

    Leadership Consultant.
    Life Coach.
    Master of Ceremony &
    Inspirational Speaker.
    Who is Maano Ramadwa?

    Maano Ramadwa's journey of life is an inspirational one which unfolded from the pig sty at a piggery farm. He left the farm life to go back to high school at the age of 23 where he completed his matric. He studied as a teacher and eventually found a Job at a private school in Johannesburg in the 90’s.

     Mr. Ramadwa journeyed in the teaching field and his perseverance showed when he was promoted from one level to the other until he became a school principal of Blue Eagle High school in Cosmo City. It was here where his purpose of inspiring people became clear to him.


    Maano Ramadwa published his first book Teach To Inspire in 2015 (Revised in 2019) where he encouraged fellow teachers to take it within their strides to do all they can to be the source of inspiration for the young children they teach.

    He went on to release other books, Restart…tune into your purpose and Ten Deadly Spirits which are spiritual books aligned to his Christian beliefs. He has recently published his leadership book titled Resuscitation Leadership which is the source of leadership wisdom that he shares with leaders during his various talks.


    Mr. Ramadwa is a certified leadership coach through Matthew Goniwe school of Leadership based in Johannesburg. He is featured on many electronic media platforms where he shares with the public his wisdom in life and leadership.

    He has been featured on Phalaphala FM, SAFM, Jozi FM, SABC News, ENCA, TBN and many other platforms. RADIO PRESENTER: He is an award nominated radio presenter who is on radio on a weekly basis presenting his show The Revival Show and Marriage Matters on Westside FM 98.9 mhz.


    Maano Ramadwa uses his teaching experience to deliver training sessions to individuals and groups on various topics.

    His trainings are designed to evoke the spiritual inclination and understanding of all the audience regardless of which belief they belong to.
    I come highly recommended by those who have had an opportunity to listen to me during my various presentations. I also facilitate strategic planning sessions, MC at corporate events.
    ― Maano


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