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    Principle No.1: Start from the bottom

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    In the last post we spoke about success and what it means. Just to remind you about what it means to be successful, this is the correct interpretation and translation of your innate gifts and abilities into manifestation in the physical. Today we explore the first principle of success as expressed above.

    Ephesians 4: 8-9 Wherefore he saith, when she ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. 9. (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth?”

    You will remember that in the previous post I spoke about the gift that works for God and for men. This gift is the one that will bring you success as defined above. I find this very interesting that Christ who gave each one of us gifts to use in the process of living our lives in him, had to descend to the lower parts of the earth. He had to die first in order for him to keep captivity under the leash so that you and I can continue to serve him successfully with our individual gifts.

    It matters where you start because your starting point reflects where you will go with him. Let me share this little story with you about jumpers in athletics. One particular athlete in high jump who caught my attention was Hestrie Cloete. She always moved backwards to a certain position and always when you look at it the distance is the same. This had become known as her basic starting point. It is this starting point that had made her a two time world champion and two time Silver medallist. 

    Our Lord did a lot when he walked the streets of Judea and all the places where he went with his disciples to teach and to perform miracles. But he had to go down to the lowest when he was crucified and buried for him to ascend to the highest seat of honour on the right hand side of our Father. Does this mean that he had succeeded? So much more. He came to this earth with a clear mandate for him to die for everyone’s sin. Our sins now are not counted against us because of his act of obedience. He was able to translate and interpret his gifts for God and for us.

    What does it mean for you to start from the bottom? You have that burning desire which is the mandate which God has chosen for you. Interestingly, your mandate is completely different from somebody’s. It may look the same but it’s different. You mandate will not be carried out by someone as they also have their own. To be able to start from the bottom, consider the following:

    1. Get back to your bottom line: In my book Restart I have spoken about the press button. Let me say this to you my friend, when your table is cluttered with papers, it will take you long to find that note you have mixed with other stuff on the table. The importance of the note will require you to look for it regardless. To be able to identify it, you will need to remember very well the colour of that paper. You also have to remember every single detail about the paper so that when you look, you are able to see it in the clutter. It becomes difficult to remember these details if you are still looking randomly on the table.


    1. Die to yourself to receive the mandate: Have you ever been frustrated by your trusted laptop when you are trying to work on an important project? I have found this to be frustrating sometimes when my device keeps freezing while I am working on it. Each time it freezes, I always get back to the start button and restart the machine. I find it interesting that every time after restarting, it works perfectly and even brings forth the documents which I thought were lost. Another interesting fact about the computer is that it does not have to restart itself because even if it wants, it is unable to. It relies on its owner to press that restart button.

    Many times many people try their best to restart themselves without involving the owner who knows why they exist. Your mandate for existence determines your success, and until you get back to the one who is responsible for your mandate success will always elude you. So, this means that all the things that you consider important to you must first die. Your view of yourself must die. You thoughts about why you exist must first step aside for God’s purpose for your life to take precedence. The bottom line is that you will get back to what he has designed you for, his own use to serve him and humanity. The sooner you die to yourself the better for your success to start taking shape.


    1. Allow yourself to be influenced by the Holy Spirit: One of the disciples of Jesus Christ called Phillip was going about doing the business of God in Samaria where it was not necessary for him at the time. The Holy Spirit influenced him to go to Gaza (Acts 8:26-39) where he met the Ethiopian Eunuch who was coming from Jerusalem to worship. God knew the enthusiasm and zeal of this man and his importance in Ethiopia and He needed to use Phillip for His purpose and for the purpose of this man’s mandate. Phillip heard the spirit and obeyed. This story ended well with the Eunuch being baptized, Imagine if Phillip did not allow the influence of the Holy Spirit in his life, the needy man would have gone back home without knowledge that he desperately needed.


    You have an opportunity to be influenced by the power of the Holy Spirit into your mandate and your responsibility is just to allow yourself to be influenced. This gift of the Holy Spirit has been given freely by the master himself for the use to his glory. That burning desire which I spoke about in the first part of this series, will be pushed by the Spirit himself. You have to give yourself an opportunity to be in isolation constantly to be able to hear this influence. Yielding to this influence always takes you closer to your success.   


    Starting from the bottom is not an easy thing. Many people have chosen to be at a comfortable place so that they do not have to start from the bottom. To start from the bottom comes with its own pain. It always comes with the shame. You cannot be exempted from the shame and pain of starting from the bottom because Jesus himself had to endure this. At some point he pleaded for it to be taken away from him so that he does not have to feel the pain and the shame. Imagine being sworn at by those that you created. Imagine being mocked and tortured by the same that you are trying to save from eternal death. This pain is incomparable, but it is pain necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose.

    Is shame and pain stopping you from starting your, success journey? It is the beginning of the journey. It is the necessary starting point which you must go through and the sooner you embrace it the better for you. I know you have a lot of thinking to do, but I am confident that we will meet for you to share the testimony of your starting point. Good luck!!

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    Maano Ramadwa


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