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    May 13

    Instinct decision making: Planning

    By now you are aware of our theme of this series of INSTINCT DECISION MAKING. In the last blog post we spoke about one element of the PPE of this decision making model, which is Being Pro-Active. Today we continue with the second one called planning.




    Planning is an integral part of decision making. All decisions made outside of the planning process can be disastrous.


    Merriam Webster dictionary defines planning as the act or process of making or carrying...

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    May 7

    Principle No.2: Have faith


    In the previous post we spoke about starting from the bottom. I must say that starting from the bottom requires a lot from you and it is important for us to explore the exact push that will propel you to your own success. This is very important especially looking at the journey of success not being an easy journey. Many people start from the bottom but lack FAITH and fail to get to the success level that they were meant to achieve. I wish to take...

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    May 4

    Instinct decision making: Pro-active

    Greetings my beloved friends, family and colleagues. Last week we introduced the series of INSTINCT DECISION MAKING.

    Let me refresh you with the definition of this model I am suggesting for you to use in your daily decision making. Instinct Decision Making is a structured and inherent response to organizational stimuli engraved within the entire organizational system to drive it towards the attainment of its main objectives.

    To effect this model, there are three strands...

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    May 2

    Principle No.1: Start from the bottom


    In the last post we spoke about success and what it means. Just to remind you about what it means to be successful, this is the correct interpretation and translation of your innate gifts and abilities into manifestation in the physical. Today we explore the first principle of success as expressed above.

    Ephesians 4: 8-9 Wherefore he saith, when she ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. 9. (Now that he...

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