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    Apr 27

    Instinct decision making

    The world has been shocked by what they never expected. Many world leaders were caught napping as they thought nothing could destabilize what they thought was a comfort for them and their economies. And suddenly, the Corona Virus landed to shift the world to a direction many never anticipated. To be honest about this, not all the countries are going to feel the same negative impact. Some countries are going to be the huge beneficiaries as a result of the decisions made years...

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    Apr 26

    What is success?

    There are many definitions of success pronounced by many people according to how they see things. Many have defined success based on two perspectives: Material possessions and academic achievement. My approach to success is however from a spiritual perspective. I find it completely unjustifiable to look at it from any other angle before looking at the spiritual side. Man is a spirit and everything man does is influenced from the spirit before it manifests as any of the two,...

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    Apr 26

    Are we on track?

    On Tuesday I was inundated with inbox messages where most of you were asking for my opinion on the direction the president is taking the country. I made a promise that I will respond after his Thursday speech. I'm sure many of you have been wondering when the response was going to come and here we are.

    To address your question, it will not be fair to respond based only on what he said on this two occasions, but I believe to make you understand, I will reference more from my...

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    Jan 3

    Effective Classroom Management 1

        The past few days I have been doing my visits to schools to share inspiration and encourage teachers to hold on in this profession. It was clear to me that some of them have lost hope and would like to have a summer holiday at this stage already. I said something about the disciplinary challenges and I heard the resounding YES.    Unfortunately for many of these teachers, discipline and classroom management are treated as the by the way issues which are not really...

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